Managing Change in Organizations: A Practice Guide

(disponível para download gratuito por tempo limitado)

PMI: “All strategic change happens through programs and projects.

Projects and programs by their nature create change, and sophisticated organizations know strategic change happens through projects and programs. Project, program and portfolio managers who want their organizations be successful need the skills to manage change front and center in their talent portfolio.

To answer this growing need, PMI has launched Managing Change in Organizations: A Practice Guide – currently available for free download for a limited time only. This guide helps project and program managers successfully identify change elements and account for them within a project/program plan. It also helps create clear and powerful strategies to guide organizational development, including a means of executing those strategies reliably and effectively.

Not a separate role or function, change management is a skillset for project practitioners that bridges leadership, business acumen and technical skills. The guide is the culmination of PMI’s 20 years of thought leadership in change management and is the definitive guide to help you lead a proactive, planned approach to change.”

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Assista também ao vídeo do PMI: “Why is change management important today?”

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