Does Your Company Keep Its Promises?

O artigo original “Does Your Company Keep Its Promises?” promove uma reflexão bastante interessante sobre o quanto esse aspecto discutido em nível organizacional aplica-se as pessoas individualmente e como isso acaba por agregar valor à organização e aos indivíduos.

“Reliable promises create value. They engender the confidence that enables customers to buy, employees to engage, shareholders to invest, and the public to trust. Unfortunately, at many companies, managers make decisions without paying attention to what was promised, what they can truly deliver, or whether they have kept their commitments over time. They are often working very hard, but in ways that increase uncertainty and thus reduce value. It’s like running 25 miles of a marathon and leaving the last mile to chance.

  1. Make fewer, better commitments
  2. Track your key commitments
  3. Ask for commitment from others
  4. Connect the dots between groups
  5. Focus on processes, not heroics
  6. Know what commitments you are inheriting in a new role
  7. Continually check for contradictions”


Outro ponto digno de atenção:

“ When leaders focus narrowly on what they “own,” they focus less on connecting the dots with other groups. But these connections may have the most overall impact on company promises”

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